What are DriveShare's vehicle photo requirements?

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DriveShare requires at least one clear photo of your vehicle showing the entire exterior.  Photos uploaded to the site are automatically cropped to an aspect ratio of 16:9 (1200 × 675 pixels), so be sure to frame your image wide or parts of the vehicle may not be visible once cropped. 


Pro tips for eye-catching photos


Clean your car. A quick wash and detailing will go a long way when it comes to your vehicle’s glamour shots. Don’t forget to wipe down the interior too. 


Details. Generally speaking: the more photos, the better. Consider including images of the exterior, interior and opened trunk (if applicable). Capturing each side of the exterior, a view of the interior and dash, and your favorite details throughout the vehicle will show your audience what you love about the car. 


Angle. Some cars look good from a low angle, some are better at waist height and others are best viewed from above. Experiment with different angles to see what looks best. Don’t be afraid to get dirty and shoot from flat on the ground. Or consider using a stepladder to capture the car from a higher perspective.


Location. A clean, inviting background is key to eye-catching photos. You want to clearly show the vehicle’s lines so prospective renters can easily see the design and condition of the vehicle. The perfect image can be ruined by weeds, an overlooked paper cup or other debris. Be sure to remove anything that may adversely affect your image. 


Lighting. To get the best light on the car, shoot with the sun at your back and stay far enough back to keep your shadow out of the picture. 


File size. To ensure the highest quality, use images that are at least 1MB and up to 10MB in size.


Are you using your phone to take photos? Click here for additional tips. 


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